Beginners guide to making money online – For beginners who know nothing

If you ever find a beginners guide to making money online would you make money? I have been online for the past 3 years and trying to find how to make money online minus all the hard work. Right now, I am making money but I am in front of the computer for more than 12 hours.

I am not able to go out much, not able to give my kid the attention he deserves and life is just plain boring. What I was looking for is Passive income – income that will come to me at regular intervals and that which will not require my presence.

I have tried so many programs and learned a lot from each of them. But the passive income was still eluding me. I am getting active income but not passive.

In all the programs that I tried, I noticed one thing. They were more interested in selling their products than actually giving me the right training and help.

This is what all of them said – “you do this, do that, do this, do that, you are all set up now – just drive traffic and you will see results.”

Drive traffic?? From where?? What the heck!!

That is what all of us want to know – how to get traffic, how to get people to buy?

Then they say try FB, try Google Ad words, try this, try that… end of the day, all your money and all your efforts are gone with the wind!!

The point I am trying to drive is that nobody will give you the right picture. This will confuse an experienced online marketer. If that is the plight of an experienced marketer, what about a newbie? How will a beginner feel? And what is he supposed to do?

So I thought why not give that information to all you beginners, wouldn’t that be helpful?

Let’s start, so that you as a beginner will feel comfortable and not feel overwhelmed when you listen to all those terms or jargons thrown around.

Beginners guide to making money online – If I can do it, so can you!!

Now, what should a complete beginner know about online business?

Online business is simple, easy and will work if you know how to do it. It is not important what you do but “how” you do it. If you know the “how” you can easily make money.

Did you know that only 3-4% of online marketers are successful and the rest are either just faring or have not made a penny?

You can be part of that 3-4% online marketers making money only if you know how to go about it.

A Beginners guide to making money online – Here are some terms you should know:

Affiliate Marketing – Most used form of selling another person’s or company’s product. You get a commission when a sale is made. So there is no need for you to stock the products, ship the products or even bother about customer service. The company takes care of everything while promoting such products. This is best for a total beginner in online marketing.

Auto Responder – Like the name suggests, emails are sent automatically. What is it? Let us say, a person has emailed to you, then you can have a set of automatic messages to be delivered to that email address at scheduled intervals. That way you build trust and eventually that person may respond to your offer. Examples are GetResponse, aWeber etc.

Call To Action – A Call to Action also known as CTA is a text or image that asks your potential customers or visitors to take action.

Campaign – It is a one-time event e.g. if you want someone to subscribe to your website. You can create such campaigns inside your auto responder and when a person gives his email, the auto responder will send a message automatically to that email. You create Campaigns to capture emails and they become your prospects.

Learn few more terms:

Cloaking – If you want to show a search engine spider or bot one version of a Web page and a different version to the end user then you should cloak your link. For example – clickmagick etc.

Conversion Rate – This metric tells you what percentage of people is converting in real time. Examples are a sign up for free information etc.

Cookie – It is not what you eat with a cup of tea! In affiliate terms, when a person goes to a website via your affiliate link, a cookie is placed for a specified time frame. That way, if a sale is made, you get the commission. Different companies have different cookie time frame. Some have 30 days cookie, 90 days, etc. Amazon has 24 hours cookie. So if you are an Amazon affiliate and your customer decides to buy the product after 2 days, that commission will not come to you. So be aware of this!

Domain Name – It is the address of your website, i.e.

Landing Page – The first page a person lands on when coming to your website probably from an advertisement. This page can be any page on your website including your home page. So if your Landing page is attractive and professional, people will want to take action as per what your Landing Page suggests. Good online marketers always have 4-5 landing pages to determine which one is doing better that way they can improve their conversions.

Opt-in – If you have something free to offer like a Free cookbook or a free download of a pdf file, you can easily attract an opt-in. He or she will give you an email address to contact. Opt-ins are important since you can later on convert them to buy your products.

Return On Investment (ROI) It is the percentage of profit made on initial investment. If you have invested $100 and you earned $175, you’re ROI would be 75%.

Sales Funnel – Most successful businesses set up set of processes to increase sales. It starts from awareness to selling of products/services. The ultimate goal of a sales funnel is to get a visitor to purchase something.

Split Testing – Remember I spoke about different Landing pages? You can do split testing to see which of those landing pages is converting. That way, you can discard the least converting and you can use the most converting LP.

You will come across these terms often. Always learn the first steps – Beginners guide to making money online will become a success.

Familiarize yourself with these terms because you will need them in your journey towards success!

So let’s talk some business now!

What you have to do is:

  1. Build Landing pages
  2. Send traffic to those Landing pages
  3. The Landing pages will capture email lists
  4. You have to send these to Sales Funnel(the actual Sales page)
  5. The sales process begins.

Note – Of the above list, You can easily do 1, 3, 4 and 5 through tools and automation. But point 2 is the most crucial part and life of your business. This is where most of the people i.e. 95% of online marketers fail. So how will you tackle this problem? That is the missing link. I will talk about this missing link in the next chapter. Beginners guide to making money online – If I can do it, so can you!!


See you soon! If you wish to contact me or send me a message, please do so.

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