Do you know the Easiest way to make Money online?

Finding the easiest way to make money online is actually difficult unless you know what you are getting into. The best way would be to build your own site.

Once you are done with building your site, what’s next? Your next move would be getting a good chunk of visitors to your site. One way that many people will get to your site is through your site’s exposure. What does that mean? Read on to find out more.

While newspapers and other prints are becoming a thing of the past, online activities are on the rise. Have you ever imagined yourself as one of the site administrators? Guess changing you to the site owner will stir something in you. Stir the urge to venture into online activities by building your own site and monetizing it in a bid to cash in dollars. Make money easily by working online at home.

Finding the easiest way to make money online

Okay, if I am searching for some information, I will use relevant search terms and see if I have the required information. If not I will move to the next page. If I still do not find it, I will try using another search term and the process will continue until I find the answer. Will I search the 3rd page or 8th page to find it? No! That is how it is.

Most of us will not go beyond page 2 of the search results page. Similarly, our site should show up on Page 1 or page 2. If it shows up on Page 1 congrats! You’ve made it! So how you show up on Page 1 or 2 is what SEO is all about. Companies pay thousands of $$ for SEO services to get to page 1 and more thousands of $$ to stay there. Some never get there though even after spending couple of thousands of $$. This is because the SEO was not good enough.

Can you do SEO on your own?

Yes and no! Can you paint your house? Yes, but how you paint (that is if you are not a painter but a lazy one like me) and how a good professional painter does is totally different and in fact you yourself can see the difference. Again how a good professional painter does and how a bad professional painter does is completely different, you can easily identify who has done a great job. It is similar with SEO. You can do it but it will take soooo long and time is money, so you are actually spending a lot on experimenting. Also you may be doing more harm to your site than you know.

So the option is to leave it to the experts. There are a lot of SEO companies doing this for high fee. If you are on a budget the best way would be to go to a freelancer. In fact lot of SEO companies who charge through the roof, actually get the work done through freelancers that too the cheap ones. I have seen some of them bargaining like potatoes. They will charge a hefty sum of $3000 but pay only $100-$200 that too after bargaining.

So build a site and work on ranking it for search engines. You too can make money on line by working as freelancers to do various jobs. Click here for various services related to a website.

Can you monetize your site?

Yes. Put your focus on how to improve your site. However, to save you from thinking, below are ways on improving your results:

  1. Have a rich content – Who will click your link if they read something that is not up to the mark? Would you? Everyone has set expectations so be ready to fulfill nearly all what your visitors want. In order to have a rich content, first understand your audience. For instance, if you are selling a product, have a description that immediately addresses that need. If you are talking about a certain service, mention it using a great description. Once a visitor notes that your content is rich, he/she will become loyal to your site. Easiest way to make money online will become a reality once trust sets in.
  1. Include your links in comments and responses – Is your site busy with comments and responses and giving room to new discussions? If yes, then continue with the same spirit. If no, then post your site’s link in different relevant sites, forums, blogs etc and turn on the heat. People will not come to you, because they do not know that you or your site exists. So you have to go to where people are, engage them in chats, discussions, get to know what they want and how you can help them out. That is how you can create opportunities. Once opportunities are created then the easiest way to make money online will also be possible.
  1. Share your links with related blogs and sites – Find relevant blogs, forums, and social media and share your links there. But do not say things like – this is my site and here is the link, no! That is not a good approach. First give value or good information and then say things like ‘if you would like more information, you can either contact me or visit my site’. That will not only look polite, it will also build trust. You should not sound as if you are in a hurry to sell something to people. Remember that nobody likes to be pushed around. Like I mentioned before open the doors, create opportunities and this will result in the easiest way to make money online.
  1. Search Engine Optimization – There are millions and millions of sites being created online on a daily basis. There must be thousands of sites similar to yours. So the question is how will you move over the existing competition? How will people pick your site from among the others? Simple – you have to come up in front of them when they search for similar products/services or information. You need to make your site the reigning one. It is easier said than done, so this is where SEO comes in. SEO or search engine optimization is doing things on your site which will make search engines look for your site and show it to visitors. Once visitors start coming to your site, the easiest way to make money online just happens!

So look for a good reputable SEO company or a freelancer who has good ratings in the industry. SEO results do not happen overnight. You have to wait patiently to see it happening and when it happens, that will be your day. The easiest way to make money online does exist but you just need to find what will suit you and work towards it.

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  • January 8, 2018 at 11:32 pm

    Some very good tips on ethical ways to bring traffic.,, without coming across as spammy. A great guide on the basics of how to promote a blog. I also think it’s a good idea to mention who you are, so that people know they are dealing with a flesh and blood person. Thanks, Administrator (sorry, I couldn’t find your name on your website :>

  • January 9, 2018 at 2:12 pm

    Thank you for the comment, I will include my bio shortly.


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