Fastest Easiest Way to Make Money – Building your own site

Does a fastest easiest way to make money exist? Is it possible to do so online? Yes, it is possible. Unlike building a jigsaw, things are a bit tough when it comes to building a site. What does it take to build your own site? First – Access to internet. Once you have your site ready, monetize it and you are set to race with other online millionaires. In a nutshell, building a site and monetizing is the fastest easiest way to make money. However, there is a list of steps that together make up the process of site building. They are as listed below:

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Make arrangements on getting a domain and have it hosted

A domain is the name of your website. You can get domain names at cheap rates at sites like There are two handy tips when getting a domain:

–           Never use number or include them in your domain name

–           Ensure your domain name has easy spelling

Once you get the domain of your choice, you need hosting provider who will host this website for you. Currently, there are various ways which you can use to have your site hosted. For instance, you can set up a free site. However, it is more fashionable and impressing to have your site self-hosted. What does self-hosting mean? This means you have an actual name for your domain like etc.

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Install WordPress then build your site

Did you know there is a big difference between WordPress domain and WordPress site? Yeah. Unlike the latter, the first is self-hosted. WordPress is actually very popular because of its quick 5 minute installing time. Moreover, before you think of WordPress, you have to get hold of hosting company like Hostgator. A top benefit of Hostgator is that it has the quickest install options that work for nearly every Content Management System. Indeed, they have an option for WordPress too. Below are tips on operating WordPress:

–           Always prefer to choose a domain name among those offered in the dropdown menu

–           Remember to enter an email address that is active

–           Pick a site name that is easy and catchy

–           Choose a username for admin then install WP

It is as easy as that. Running your own site is the fastest easiest way to make money online without hustling too much. Actually, you earn money while working at home. Once done, you will actually start seeing passive income though you do have to keep your posts updated.

Pick a theme to customize your site’s look

There are so many themes offered at WordPress. Must you know something about graphic design or programming? No. You can change your website appearance without having even a hint of web design. A theme acts as a skin that every visitor sees upon landing on your site. Should you choose a premium theme over a free one? Since you are just starting out, you can use the free theme. Most of the free themes come with maximum features and benefits that will suffice in your site building.

Optimize your site with widgets and plugins

Would you mind describing what a plugin is? 70% of site administrators use plugins often but do not know their definition. A plugin is simply a piece of designed code which adds one or two functionalities to your website. Such plugins work hand in hand with WordPress so be wise when picking them.  In as much as you are in a rush to make money easily online, give plugins and widgets a critical look.

One often used plugin is the Contact form plugin. Simply install the plug in and activate it. Your website is now ready to capture details of visitors who will contact you via this form. Simple and easy!

Improve your site

Finally, learn about different ways to improve your site. You can do this by visiting blogs. Focus on issues such as security, speed and SEO.

Does fastest easiest way to make money online exist?

The next big question is how to make the money? Well you could make money using various income streams like advertising networks namely Google AdSense, Infolinks,, Bidvertizer etc. You could also use affiliate programs like ClickBank, JVZoo etc. You could use CPA programs like Offervault. The idea is to diversify and not depend on only single source of income. The more you have on your site, the better you can earn.

How about a shopping site? Yes, why not? You could have an ecommerce site that will take care of all the buying selling process for you like Shopify, Azon etc. There are many online shopping sites like; you could have an affiliate set up and process orders on your site while selling products from Amazon. There are many free themes that are ecommerce compatible meaning you could set up the payment and order management as well. So when visitors come to your site, they can view products, put them in a shopping cart and check out through the payment channel (PayPal etc.).

All this sounds so easy but the question now really is how to get such visitors to your website? How to be seen by potential customers? This is where SEO and paid traffic comes in. SEO is Search Engine Optimization which means what you can do for your site so that it ranks high on Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. All of us want to be on the 1st page but is it really possible to be on 1st page while there are millions and millions of websites vying for that position?

The answer is that it is possible provided you get great, I mean really GREAT SEO done for your site and all this takes time and money. An easier alternative is to pay for traffic like Google AdWords, Bing ads etc. But you need to do testing before you plan on investing huge amounts. For those, who do not want to pay for this, you may do some Facebook promotions or use social media to get some visitors. Be active in groups and social media sites. You need to do some advertising yourself. The idea is to get seen by people; the more visibility the better for your site.

Remember, all this will take time but eventually it is the fastest easiest way to make money online.

Be the next person to make money quickly online by building your own site.

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