Make Money Online Writing for Indian Writers

Can you make money online writing if you are an Indian writer? Yes, you can.
I know it is a little hard for Indian writers to get great rates for their writing skills. But there are a few sites that Indian writers can write on. Especially if you are a beginner, do not expect to be paid a lot. You need to excel at writing before you can demand good rates.

How to Make Money Online writing

The first half of this post is for Indian writers who are beginners. You should be well versed in English and have excellent grammar. The pay is not much for beginner writers but it is a start. Start writing so that you know what people expect from your writing. Learn from your mistakes and do not repeat them. The second half of this post is for writers with experience.

Here are a few websites that beginner Indian writers can try:

Experts column – It is a revenue sharing site. You can also write poetry. You can write on any topic like health, marketing, astrology, shopping etc.

Expose knowledge – You can share and discuss information on any topic of your choice.


Constant content – Once your article sells they will pay you.

Ayushveda – It is a health and lifestyle magazine. You can write for them but the pay is not much.

Make money online writing for experienced writers:

Here are 10 websites where you get paid well. These sites are for those with experience in writing. Most of these sites have various topics to choose from so based upon your skills and experience you can choose whatever fits you. Here are the websites:

  1. Narratively – above $100 per essay. Topics are about your experiences and your personal life.
  2. Guideposts – Christian faith related articles (up to $250 per essay)
  3. Essig magazine – based on personal experiences (up to $150 per essay)
  4. The Establishment – up to $150 per essay for stories
  5. Modern Love – it is site by NY times. The pay is $300 per essay and it is all about Love.
  6. Skirt – $200 per essay for women related issues.
  7. Eureka Street – Australian website which pays you $200 AUD for essays.
  8. Vox first person – $400 and above for essays of 1500 words and more. You can choose to write for Magazine or blog.
  9. Aish – If you have Jewish related experiences then you can write for this site.
  10. Cosmopolitan – $100 for essays related to college life.

I am sure you are now convinced that you can make money online writing even if you are a beginner. So don’t be afraid to start, start small and eventually you will get there.

My next post will cover 20 blogs that pay $50 and above for writers. I will post that soon, so come back to this site.

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