Press Release Distribution for Small Business Owners on a Budget

Do you think Press release distribution for small business will give the desired results? Hell, yes! It does!
Press release is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to announce something new about your company.

When Microsoft gurus come out with a new software product, it’s done with a press release. It’s normally going to be live and online. And who better to announce a press release for the company? Microsoft’s Bill Gates did the announcement a few years ago when Windows 10 was launched.

Why Press Release Distribution for small business works?

Every new gadget, new store, new toy, new video game, even a new car has been announced with a press release. Small businesses benefit from them. A press release is like a news release comparatively. The owner of the business or one of the employees from the company can write a Press release.

You can also hire a distribution company to do it all for you. When you purchase a press release you are actually hiring professional writers to write up the press release. Since you want the best exposure for your new product or service, getting a professional to do this job is a great choice. The general public will never know when their favorite company will be coming out with anything new or their new location without one. In fact, how will customers know when to buy that new computer, or that new video game, unless they hear it from the news? This is what a press release does.

Online press releases can actually cause a high traffic volume turnout on your online store or website. Normally, it’s because a professional writer wrote out the strategic document for the company that was newsworthy. Nevertheless, they are writing the ‘long term’ press release distribution the best way they know how. It says who, what, and why they need to buy your products or services. You will also get press release ideas for small business that you may have overlooked.

Is a Radio announcement better?

If it’s being broadcast on a radio slot, it can be written for that slot. The slot may only be a minute long, but a lot can be said in a minute. Press release writers or Public Relation writers will normally charge by the page. However the case, you want to have an experienced press release writer to get the job done for you the right way. If you are an entrepreneur, you want it done right the first time.

Television reporters, or radio show hosts, will get the press releases from various news sources or public relations people who regard a press release as ‘gold’. Today, it can be a major benefit because of a news release, being distributed on social media or on the evening news.

Press release distribution benefits

With a press release distribution for small business, companies can announce their upcoming event. One of the popular announcements is letting the public know when a new location will be opening. Another popular announcement is launch of a new website or revamping the old one.

Hiring someone to do your press release is easier too. You can hire someone to do a press release for your new company, product or service. It’s recommended to hire a professional press release writer. In fact, businesses will want to get the most they can get when it comes to releasing or launching a new product. With a press kit, it’s all part of the package with a press release distribution for small businesses.

Press kits have multiple elements within its package. They can have photos, news updates, a video gallery and an archive where individuals can hear or see past speeches or announcements. These can be pricey, but it gives enough leverage for a new business owner to be able to cover a number of things regarding their business.

Why is Press release distribution for small business valuable?

Press release distribution services are valuable for small companies because it gives them exposure. This is the time when companies shine with their upcoming news. For the public, it’s something to learn about. With any company, news is good, especially if the company’s investors and owners have put so much money and time into their new product and business.

Let’s take a good example of this strategy. When Microsoft announced Windows 10, people were waiting for months to hear from key spokesmen about its release. To journalists and media gurus, it’s the cream of the crop to find out what’s going on with major companies and their products that are about to be launched. As for the billion dollar industry, launching the new Windows was epic for gamers, desktop publishers, and coders, alike.

Another benefit is writing up a press release on your own. If this is the route you take, then the local newspapers may want to still hear what you have to say. It’s not recommended if you are a new company, but with distribution services, providing the content is better than no news content and normally it’s online.

When you distribute press release in the form of a public broadcast, for instance, you will have an audience of all different backgrounds. Press release services are ideal for small companies who will be releasing a new product/service.

For instance, if a phone company has a new and better phone, such as what the Galaxy S8 launched recently, it had to be done live online via a press release. Again, a press release distribution for small business is one of the most valuable investments any business owner can have at the start of a new product or service about to be released to the public.

Price does matter with a press release distribution

Normally, if a press release distribution for small business decides to broadcast launching of their new store location for instance, it can be about $850 for a 60 second spot via a radio broadcast or television broadcast. It is the highest price on average for a press release. For it to be written, it can cost as high as $180 per hour or as high as $750 per page. It can also cost $2 per word for other types of press releases depending on the professional and what it is.

On average, a writer can charge at least $1.17 per word or $348 per page to write up a press release, according to the ‘Guide to Self-Publishing, 2014.’ Since 2014, it has gone up in price, but not that much. Therefore, any press release distribution broadcast through television or radio has the best coverage as opposed to a one page, quick press release via email or fax. But the cost is exorbitant.

On the other hand, a press release distribution for small business can suggest that there’s more to the company than just products or merchandise coming out. It can be an insightful piece of news for another individual or company. In fact, how many individuals wait around for the new tour scheduled?

Why distribute Press release?

If you want to rank high on search engines, get a press release distributed. Small business owners benefit the most with them. Ranking high in search results, press releases can drive traffic for your online business and may even increase your sales. Distribute a press release and you release tons of information to those who may be waiting for your latest news. They are a valuable tool.

With a new launch of a product, driving traffic audience is a wise investment. You’ll improve your company’s overall credibility while you are at it. In fact, your message will be queried right beside other leading companies in your industry as well.

People will see you because of these press releases. The distribution of a press release is key to a successful launch. Press release distribution models give the most news for small business owners. When distributing press release information to all the local news wires in the surrounding area. It’s considered one of the most traditional ways to give out the news. It can be distributed to many media journalists online or through worldwide newswires giving the maximum exposure.

Finally, press release distribution for small businesses will give the most out of what you are about to offer. If you are a small business and just starting out, you may not be in a position to spend $300-$500 for a single press release. Budgeting is very crucial for your business at this stage. So choose a service that is both cost effective and gets you the results.

Why should you choose a Professional PR distribution services?

With Konker press release service, you will get exactly what you need to introduce your new product, business, service, or whatever it is that you want your audience to know.

We will format a newsworthy Press release copy meeting all PR guidelines. Even if you have no news, we will create one for your website.

Get targeted visitors to your site within 48-72 hours of PR release.

All major news outlets like Google news etc. pickup is guaranteed.

We understand that small business owners who are just starting off will not be able to spend a lot and that is why we have come up with Budget PR distribution packages to meet your needs.

Our Press Release Distribution package starts at just $15!!

We offer great discounts for bulk purchases or if order value is $60 and above.

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Introducing your news to the public couldn’t be so easy and so traditional. Ultimately getting the most exposure when online, helps start any company on the right path.

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